Team Focus Competition Requirements & Schedule

Objective: The objective of the Focus Competition Team is to provide a higher level of training physically and mentally for those athletes who have a desire to take their Karate competition to a higher level. This program is open to all Focus students who fit the criteria as laid out below.

Rank Requirement: Blue Belt and higher (or by special invitation).

Age Requirement: 8 years and older (or by special invitation).

AAU Membership: Must be current AAU members ( - Club Name: Focus Martial Arts).


5:15-6 PM Kumite/Sparring Class - Blue Belts & higher (Lake in the Hills)

5:30 - 7 PM Kata & Kumite (Lake in the Hills)
7 - 8 PM
Kata (Deerfield)

6-7 PM Kumite/Sparring Class - Blue Belts & higher (Lake in the Hills)

5:15 - 6:30 PM Kata/Kumite 14 yrs & younger (Lake in the Hills)
7:30 - 8:45 PM Kata/Kumite 15 yrs & older (Lake in the Hills)

1:30 - 2:15 PM Kobudo/Weapons Class (Lake in the Hills)

1:30 - 4 PM Kata & Kumite (Lake in the Hills)


Unlimited Training in the Following Programs:

- Karate Classes (Appropriate Age & Rank)
- FAST (8-12 yrs) or FAST Accelerated (13-18 yrs)
- Adult Fitness (15 & older)
- Youth Krav Maga Force (14 & younger)
- Adult Krav Maga Force (15 & older)

  Various scheduled Team Focus classes during the year may be canceled as a result of rank exams, clinics, special
 trainings, tournaments, weather, etc. Athletes and their parents will be informed of these dates as soon as they
 become available. Changes will be e-mailed to the provided e-mail address and/or be listed on the website.
 (only one e-mail address per family)


- Focus Warm-up Jacket
- Minimum of 2 Black FEAR Focus T-Shirts
- Recommended Tournament Karate Uniforms
- AAU Patches For All Tournament Uniforms
- Proper Tournament Belt (White, Green, Brown or Black)
- Approved AAU Helmet (17 & younger)

- Mouth Guard
- White Fist Guards (Naugahyde)

- Red Fist Guards (Naugahyde)
- Chest Protector
- Groin Cup (male)

- Shin & Foot Guards
- Proper Tournament Weapons
- Clean Gym Shoes
- Athletic Tape

  Each student will practice one or more Kata(s) chosen specifically to fit their tournament experience level (Beginner, Novice, Intermediate or Advanced), their body type and physical abilities. It is important to remember that most Team Focus athletes will learn a completely different Kata from what they practice in the regular Karate classes.

  Similar with the Kata practice,
all students will practice appropriate Kumite techniques and strategies based on their competition level (Beginner, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced). Each athlete will receive a list with all the skills that he/she will work on throughout the season, and will be expected to be able to perform them very well by the time they attend the AAU Regionals & Nationals.

  Each Team Focus athlete should attend a minimum of two age appropriate Fitness/Krav Maga classes a week. Equipment requirements: Black FEAR Focus T-Shirt, shorts or warm-up pants & clean gym shoes.

  3 weeks before 2018 AAU Nationals, Team Focus training schedule will have some changes to allow the athletes to better prepare for the most important event of their season. Complete information on this will be emailed to all families after the 2018 AAU Regionals.


  An adult parent or guardian for each tournament must accompany underage athletes, unless other arrangements have been made and approved by the coaches committee.

 After the 2017 AAU Nationals, all Team Focus classes will be cancelled for 1 week while the rest of the classes will continue to run as scheduled. This will give all Team Focus members a well-deserved break after a long training camp followed by one of the toughest competition of their season.


 This is a 12 month agreement and all participants must agree to the fee for the entire 12 months! After the 2018 AAU Nationals, everyone will continue to pay the Team Focus monthly rate until the end of August 2018.

  All Team Focus Members will be required to participate in our monthly automatic credit card payment program and continue to keep their accounts at Focus up to date in order to participate on Team Focus.

  The monthly fee does not include tournaments fees, coaches' expenses, travel expenses, special equipment, special trainings or clinics, uniforms, warm ups, team outings, or other expenses that may arise.

  New Team Focus season starts on September 1st, 2017 for all returning students, and on October 1st, 2017 for all new students.

All Team Focus members must be current AAU members. To apply for the 2017-2018 AAU Extended Coverage Membership visit and use the Club Name: Focus Martial Arts.

Click here for the complete packet: 2017-2018 Team Focus New Season Information

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