Testimonial for Fitness Programs:

Over a year ago, I came to Focus with the intention of taking a few fitness classes to get in better shape…what I ended up getting from
Focus was much more than I expected.  After losing 25 pounds, dropping 4 sizes, and being able to do exercises that I never thought I
could, I am in the best shape of my life – and that’s coming from a 42 year old mother of two!  Focus has turned out to be much more than
a simple solution to exercising – it’s turned me into a much stronger and confident person.  The classes are challenging and fun, taught by instructors that are very knowledgeable and encouraging.   Not only have I learned a thing or two about fitness, fighting and self defense,
I’ve become part of a family and made many new friends along the way.  I am now addicted to exercise thanks to Focus Martial Arts and

Testimonial for FAST:

My daughter has been in the FAST program now for a couple months and has loved every minute of it.  She is a soccer player, and I
thought that this program was a great way to keep her conditioned in the “off season”.  This program has proved to be more than a bridge
between seasons, but an athletic program that keeps her motivated, moving and strong.  The program is fun and dynamic and has
benefited her both physically, as well as socially.  All of the kids in the program interact in a positive way, and get a lot of encouragement
along the way.   I will be keeping her in this program all year round for sure!

Christie S.


I have been going to Focus for 1 year now and I'm amazed with my transformation.  Not only have I lost 15bs and dropped 4 pant sizes, but I have gained strength and endurance thanks to the fitness classes and instructors at Focus Martial Arts.  The variety of the classes and the instructors keep you motivated and challenged.  For the first time I actually look forward in working out and get excited with the on going results I get!  Every class has options to modify your workout which best suits you.  There is so much support and motivation from the people who go to these classes it makes it a great, fun environment to be in!  People ask me what Im doing because they see the changes in me and I get excited to tell them all about Focus and that they should just try one class, just one because after that they too will find their new love and addiction to fitness at Focus Martial Arts.

Cindy S.


I have been working out at Focus for eight years now. The classes are fun and challenging. The Wednesday morning class has taken my routine to a whole new level. The instructors are excellent they have you do things you did not think you were capable of. Im 48 years old and I am in the best shape of my life! I would recommend  these classes to anyone who wants to have fun and get in great shape.

Valarie B.


I absolutely love the classes offered at Focus. No two classes are ever the same making it easier for me to keep coming back for more.
Since training at Focus my life has changed. I have lost 40 lbs based off of the Monday, Wednesday & Thursday night classes alone. Training at Focus has taught me self-discipline and has pushed me to my limit.
The instructors are fun, personable, motivating and all around amazing.
If you are looking for an upbeat, life changing friendly environment, I would definitely recommend the classes offered at Focus Martial Arts Studio.

Corina B.


I began taking fitness classes at Focus Martial Arts approximately three months ago when one of my good friends recommended them to me.  My first experience was a Monday morning Dynamik Fitness class. I knew by the end of that first class that this was the workout place for me.  Having been a highly competitive athlete in my younger years, I found it refreshing to have a trainer push me to a point that I hadn't been pushed to for so long.  I felt motivated to perform hard from that very first day, and because of this I have seen great results.  Not only do I feel stronger and more energized on a daily basis, but I have also lost over 10% of my body weight since starting.

I highly recommend Focus Martial Arts to anyone who wants to improve their overall physical fitness and have fun while doing it!  I look forward to working out everyday with all of the friends I have made at Focus as we motivate each other to do our best.  The trainers all are knowledgable and friendly and do a great job of mixing up the workouts and keeping it interesting.  My husband saw how much of an impact my workouts were having on me and so he has since joined Focus as well.  He thoroughly enjoys his Krav Maga and fitness classes and has lost almost 20% of his body weight with the help of his training at Focus.

Amy H.


I started coming to Focus at a time when I needed a change in my life........10 years later I'm still "kickin it" and at the age of 52 I'm in the best shape of my life. 
Focus, you challenge me........thanks for keeping me young.

Donna A.


I have been working out for many years either on my own or through a structured program and the result has always been more successful when someone else guides the workout.  When I would work out on my own the incentive to drive harder was mediocre at best but when there is someone showing me exercises, and holding me accountable, I tend to have more motivation and try to reach new levels.  However, the problem is that the programs were usually designed to teach one type of workout and boredom eventually set in.  The reason I have been successful at Focus is because the workouts are never the same and there is no way I can get bored.

The best condition I have ever achieved was when I paid attention to my heart rate reach its peaks and valleys within its accepted range.  The workouts at Focus have taken that concept to another level and added an element of creativity and fun.  Sometimes, after a very stressful day, I get to the Dojo and enjoy the anticipation of what is going to happen on the floor tonight.  While some people regret the pain two days after a good workout I welcome it and will continue to look forward to a new challenge every time I walk into the Dojo.

Larry L.


In June of 2008 I had finally had enough of my weight. I had gained 30 pounds over a period of 2 years and was heavier than I had been in years. I was 210 pounds when I graduated from high school, but had lost an excess of 80 pounds and kept it off ever since. Well, my 30's were fast approaching (I was 29) and I knew I had to do something. I was very unhappy with the weight gain and was completely out of shape. Simply taking my dogs for a walk left me out of breath.

I started taking the fitness classes at Focus. The first class I went to, I could not complete the full hour. I kept going, however, and before I knew it, I was able to get through the whole hour. It was hard, but I pushed through because I had made up my mind to take back control of my own body. I started only with one class a week, but over the next few months, I started to go several times a week. I was amazed at how quickly my body was changing. My endurance was improving with every class and I actually found myself looking forward to every class.

The classes are never the same so they are not only physically challenging, but mentally as well. Ciprian, the instructor, obviously puts a lot of his time and effort into the classes. It shows. They are fun. Seriously. You may feel like Jello when you are done with the class, but speaking for myself, I am so glad I have done it. There is also a very welcoming sense of unity with others enduring the same pain you are to be healthy and fit. You will hear a lot of grunting, but you will also hear a lot of laughter and encouragement from the regulars in the class. You feel as though you are part of a team.

What can I say? The work has definitely paid off and I am healthier and more physically fit than I have ever been in my life. I like what I see in the mirror and I NEVER thought I'd be able to say that. I owe it all to Focus and I am a lifer!

Thank you, Focus, for giving me the confidence, strength and endurance to keep choosing health.

Kate T.


Focus' fitness classes are high energy and motivating.  I enjoy the variety--in reality, you never do the same class twice, as the instructors put a lot of effort into creating an atmosphere that is challenging--mentally and physically. Unlike most of my health club classes which tend to be mostly adult women, Focus' fitness classes bring all ages and genders together, from age 14-50+, which makes it fun, unique and gives you incentive to push yourself.  I look forward to going to class, and have really seen my energy level, cardio fitness and strength improve dramatically since I've committed to this program.

Cindy L.


Killer class (The Edge), keeps you coming back for more.

Gina W.


The workout classes are great they provided an awesome mix of cardio and strength training.  The instructors are fantastic they make the classes very interesting and different every time.  I have been a fire fighter for eleven years these class are some of the best workouts I have ever had.”

Bryan L.


I have been participating in three different sessions at Focus.  Dynamik Kombat , The Edge & The Strength and Conditioning on Wednesdays.  All of these classes and some cardio work I do on my own have helped me to manage my Type 2 Diabetes I was diagnosed with last year.  I have been able to lose weight, keep my blood sugar in check and my blood pressure low.  I enjoy the fact that we are pushed but able to go at our own pace without jeopardizing any injury.  I personally like the stations that are run in all three classes and I can say that over the past year I don’t ever remember two classes being exactly the same.  I look forward to the fellowship ship that Focus provides between the participants and the energy of the instructors.  Thanks for helping me get back on track with my health.

Bill E.


The classes at Focus are excellent.  The intensity always pushes me outside of my comfort zone, which has helped me establish better discipline and drive.  The classes always rotate to combine strength training, cardio training, flexibility, which I feel always keep the classes fresh and not boring.

My personal favorite class is "Dynamic Kombat"  I love the striking, and continuing to work on the form and power of my strikes.

I feel that Focus offers the best fitness classes in the area.

Cory P.


Want to maintain good mental and physical health try Focus Martial Arts fitness classes.  The instructors enthusiasm inspires you to do what you can. The movements are demonstrated and you are encouraged to try them. Each class has an instructor that emphasizes being aware of your own body and your abilities. There is an awareness of each participant, no matter how many are in the class. Having fun while working at improving your health  happens when you take a fitness class at Focus Martial Arts. The workouts are never dull. They aspire to use a variety of new music and the instructors are always coming up with new ideas to keep their workouts challenging.  The classes contain both genders and a wide variety of ages and abilities .  Focus has taken martial arts/fitness training to new levels. Each type of class has a bit of a different style to it so try one out today. Come see what everyone is talking about.  The only thing you have to lose  is maybe a few pounds!"

Sally L. 


I started doing The Edge fitness class and Dynamik Kombat fitness class last fall, 2009.  Before that, I would take my son to the classes and watch from the side, never thinking that I would be able to do them.  I decided I would give the classes a try, as I very much wanted to get in shape and be healthier.  I wanted my body to become stronger and to increase my endurance. I had knee surgery the year before and I also wanted to strengthen my knees.  I went the first night and thought I would just try it to see if I could do it.  It pushed me to work my hardest.  I made it through the class!  It was an incredible feeling to know that I could do it. 

It is the best, most empowering feeling when I work out at the classes.  The classes have aided me in losing weight, tightening up my body, as well as feeling really good about myself both physically and mentally.  My knees have become stronger, and do not hurt me as they used to.  I am actually able to run now, where before I could not!  That is an awesome feeling.  I can have a really hard day, and I know that when I get done with the fitness class, I will feel more energy and my mood will be uplifted tremendously!!!  The instructor, Ciprian, is amazing on how he plans the classes.  No two classes are the same.  He targets the entire body in different ways at every class.  He demonstrates all the moves several times.  If you are having trouble understanding how to do the moves or how to do them correctly, he is more than willing to help you.  He plays the best music to really get you moving!!The other thing I like about the classes are the people who are there.  You have a wide variety of ages and physical abilities, both male and female.  Everyone is very friendly and encouraging.  I have never been in better shape than I am now, and I owe it to the classes and instructors at Focus Martial Arts.  By taking a fitness class at Focus Martial Arts, you'll see yourself in a whole new, positive way and will feel better than you ever have! 

Amy A.

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